Eaton Hills Hotel

Since its inception, Eatons Hill Hotel has become one of Australia’s leading live entertainment venues. The Hotel features accommodation facilities that Page Furnishers was proudly involved in producing and installing.

What makes this project of note, is the use of Brass in several key items. Most notably in the reception desk and bar, but also extending within the rooms to the endplates of the shelving. The use of Brass presented a unique challenge for our team, one they were eager to work with and learn about. Page Furnishers and our client are proud of the result that we were able to achieve.

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Project Summary


Eatons Hill, 4037


February 2020 – July 2020


Comiskey Group


$500,000 (approx.)

Project deliverables

  • Hotel Room fit out including bed head, mini bar, desk, kitchenette and public areas (Reception, Bar etc)