Powder Coating

Page Furnishers has always been at the forefront of industry best practices. One area that demonstrates this more than any other is the Powder Coating process employed by Page Furnishers.

To quickly explain what is Powder Coating. Powder coating is a process where a fine ceramic colour coat ‘powder’ is applied to metal frames. It is then baked in an oven to produce a hard-wearing coating that bonds to the metal frame. The coating is not only for aesthetics, the coating is also much more durable than epoxy paint (2-Pack). Also, unused Powder Coat can be reclaimed, unlike wet paint, and used again. Reducing waste to nearly zero.

Many companies use Powder Coat for the reasons above. However, they use more chemically based methods of cleaning and treating the metal before coating. One of the most widely used chemical processes utilizes a chemical called Chromium 6. Chromium 6 is a carcinogenic molecule that has been linked to respiratory illnesses, cancers, and heart disease. Page avoids this issue by using an Ambient Temperature Chemical Process. This process accomplishes the same outcome without any Chromium 6 and removes the need for the chemicals to be heated before application – saving money and energy.

The next element that changes from other Powder Coaters is Page’s use of Reverse Osmosis water (RO) rather than the industry standard of water or Deionized water (DI). RO water has all of the impurities stripped from it by forcing the water through a membrane that filters out the impurities. DI water has a similar process but relies on a resin bed to absorb and treat the impurities. The resin bed needs to be replenished often, it is constantly eaten away by the treatment of the water.

Page Furnishers prides itself on the RO water treatment plant that it has onsite. The plant produces and treats water, at a fraction of the cost of a DI system. The result is a much cheaper process, with much less wastewater and energy used to achieve the same result.

RO Water Treatment Filters
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