Flashback – 100 Years

2019 was A special year for Page Furnishers. The company celebrated an extremely unique achievement, 100 years of operation at the same site and owned by the same family. The business celebrated with a dinner in late 2019 with current & former employees, business partners, and community leaders attending. Catered by Beauty and the Beard, […]

Metal Recycling

Steel is one of the most recyclable products that we have ever used. From the moment is it produced, Steel can be melted back down time and time again to create new steel products for the industry to use. This recyclability means that our waste products have an almost endless life ahead of them. During […]

Corrections, Detention & Justice

Building products to last has always been part of our ethos. We have always looked at our clients’ specifications and how we can produce a more efficient product that meets or beats their requirements. This quality is best displayed in our work with Federal and State Governments’ Detention and Correctional facilities. For over 20 years, […]

Powder Coating

Page Furnishers has always been at the forefront of industrybest practices. One area that demonstrates this more than any other is thePowder Coating process employed by Page Furnishers. First I need to quickly explain what is Powder Coating.Powder coating is a process where a fine ceramic colour coat of ‘powder’ isapplied to metal frames. It […]

Powering to the future

Manufacturing takes a lot of energy. We’re not talking about a couple of extra Kilowatts, but hundreds of Kilowatts being used at any moment. Unlike your home, when you reach the level of needing hundreds of Kilowatts to be piped to your business, you no longer pay per Kilowatt. Instead, you pay what’s called a […]

Waste not, want not

Timber has always been at the core of Page Furnishers. From the first bespoke cupboards and dining tables that were produced in 1919, right through to the multi-million-dollar fit-outs of Sunshine Coast University Hospital and Brisbane Girls Grammar. Finding a way to maximize the most out of our timber allows Page to be competitive in […]